The 80s Rockstar Romance Series You've Been Waiting for

Starting in 1983 when hair bands were just getting their start, we meet two souls determined to blaze a trail to L.A. where their hopes for stardom and notoriety will play out.

The prequel novella, Star Gazers, kicks it off, giving us a backstory on our favorite main characters.

Star Maker is Book 1 in the series and introduces us to Kit and Sully.  And the rest, they say, is history.  Read more below.

The Prequel Novella

Getting a sneak peek into the lives of Kit, Sully and Joe before their paths all intersect in Los Angeles in Star Maker.  With Kit and Joe in Boston and Sully in New York City, what drives them to L.A. at the same time?  The pull of their destines are too strong and L.A. sounds like dreams come true.  But what happens before they make that big move?  Find out in Star Gazers.

Book 1 Where It All Begins

Fall in Love with Rock and Romance on the Sunset Strip

Dive into the electric allure of the 1980s rock scene with Star Maker. Meet Kit McKenna, a bright-eyed entertainment attorney on a mission to conquer the music world. But when she meets the charismatic Sully Foxx, frontman of Gypsy Tango, everything changes.

Experience the Spark
Sully’s raw talent and undeniable charm capture Kit’s heart. Together, they navigate the treacherous waves of fame, passion, and music. With each other’s support, they seem unstoppable, but the glittering lights of success bring shadows of doubt. Can their love survive the trials of stardom?

A Tale of Love, Dreams, and Rock ‘n’ Roll
From the heady highs of love to the heart-wrenching choices of fame, Kit and Sully’s journey is a whirlwind of emotion and music. If you loved Almost Famous or Daisy Jones and the Six, get ready to be swept off your feet with Star Maker.

Discover the Heartbeat of the Sunset Strip
Don’t miss this mesmerizing story of ambition, love, and rock ‘n’ roll. Will Kit and Sully’s love be the anchor they need, or will the music industry’s merciless nature be too much for them?

Star Maker—Where Love and Music Collide.